Fenestrae Product Activation

These pages can only be used by Customers of Faxination Server 5.0 and Fenestrae Communication Server who are in posession of a legally obtained Contract number and a legally obtained System key. Customers will receive a Contract number after purchasing the Fenestrae software.

The following proces provides you with the opportunity to receive your Activation key by entering the Contract number and System key.
To receive your Activation key please complete the following four-step procedure. It is important to complete these steps accurately to succesfully obtain your Activtion key.
At the end of a succesfull registration your Activation key will be sent to you by email.
To activate the software enter the Activation key during setup or by using the License Manager tool. This will activate your commercially licensed Fenestrae software product.

Step 1 of 4: Contract number & System key
Enter the Contract number which was sent to you by Fenestrae or your Reseller. Contact the Fenestrae Sales Department or your Reseller for more information.
Enter the System key which was displayed during setup. Alternatively, you can always find your System Key Fenestrae Licenses Manager tool(Fenestrae Server Administrator > Tools > License manager).

Contract Number:
System Key: